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The Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma &Immunology (JCAAI) was established in May, 1975, as the socio-economic/political advocate of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma &Immunology and the American College of Allergy, Asthma &Immunology. JCAAI's purpose is to provide a mechanism for keeping Allergists/Immunologists abreast of the critical socio-economic issues which impact upon their practices. The JCAAI represents Allergy/Immunology in federal and state regulatory and governmental agencies; with the Congress, in areas of reimbursement; and in other socio-economic areas where appropriate. JCAAI serves as a single voice in these areas, representing the specialty of Allergy/Immunology.

The JCAAI represents approximately 4200 Allergists/Immunologists.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology is to act on behalf of the specialty of Allergy/Immunology and the patients it serves; and to provide a unified voice in medical socio-economics which will enable patients to receive the highest quality Allergy/Immunology care.

Its goals are as follows:

  • To address socio-economic issues that impact the practice of Allergy/Immunology as a specialty, which would include but are not limited to: public policy, patient acess, choice of physician, reimbursement and regulations.
  • To serve as the leader for developing educational activities that enlighten its membership on curent economic, political and social issues.
  • To provide a vehicle for advocacy and public education efforts on behalf of Allergists/Immunologists.

Why You Should Join the JCAAI
By: David F. Graft, MD

Several weeks ago, one of our members was audited by Medicare and was given a preliminary citation because no physician was in the office directly supervising the preparation of Allergy vaccine vials. He emailed the JCAAI urgently, because the Medicare inspector was returning several days later. He had a response from the JCAAI within 12 hours, outlining four reasons why Medicare’s position was not correct. When he presented these reasons to the inspector, the citation was immediately withdrawn. This is the kind of service and support you can receive if you are a member of the Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (JCAAI).

Other Benefits

  • Frequent email “Updates” about current issues in governmental regulation of medical practice, their effect on Allergy/Immunology practices, and how to comply with the regulations;

Postings on our “Members Only” web page including:

  • a comprehensive model compliance plan which you can implement in your own practice. If properly implemented, the plan could save you from a fraud-audit by Medicare. Through increased income, from efficient billing practices and more accurate CPT coding, you could save the cost of your JCAAI dues;
  • An OSHA needlestick plan, (including safety needle evaluation forms) which can be directly attached to your bloodborne pathogen plan in your OSHA manual. This will facilitate compliance copies of all published New News You Can Use newsletters (easily searchable).

PEAC Data to Medicare

The Practice Expense Advisory Committee (PEAC), is an AMA committee which advises Medicare on how much overhead reimbursement should be in every CPT code. Different CPT Codes are evaluated every year, on a five-year rotating basis. When Allergy/Immunology codes are surveyed, we encourage you to participate. The results of the surveys will directly impact your reimbursement. Surveying the CPT codes is expensive to carry out and if all of us in Allergy/Immunology do not participate, we could end up with data that does not fully support fair reimbursement for our services to patients.

Are You A Member?

We know that in a number of offices, not every physician joins the Joint Council; some physicians get their JCAAI information through their partners' membership. Not only is this unfair to every physician who has joined JCAAI and pays their dues, it deprives the JCAAI of the income necessary to provide the best advocacy for Allergy/Immunology and fully represent YOUR financial practice interests. We need every Allergist/Immunologist to join the JCAAI!

Join NOW!

In order for us to continue to represent your interests at the same level of service we have been providing for many years, we need your help. Membership in the JCAAI is a great investment. Your profit from this investment, in terms of increased income and decreased overhead - based on our advice - should more than pay your $175 annual membership dues fee. Become a member of the JCAAI and join most of your fellow Allergists/Immunologists in protecting the economic security of Allergists/Immunologists and Allergy/Immunology. A membership application can be downloaded from our open website here or you can request an application by calling 847-934-1918; by emailing info@JCAAI.org; or by writing to JCAAI, 50 N. Brockway St., Suuite 304, Palatine, IL 60067.

We strongly urge you to support the JCAAI by joining, and help all of us in Allergy/Immunology, protect our mutual socio-economic interests.

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