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Media-Fill Test

Allergenic Extract Guidelines

The Allergenic Extract Guidelines requires everyone who prepares extract vials to successfully complete an annual technical drill called a media-fill test. This is an actual, physical demonstration that the staff person can transfer material, in a sterile fashion, from one vial to another.

JCAAI came to an agreement with Valiteq/Lab Safety Corporation, makers of the AllerTEQ media-fill test, to purchase the test kits at discounted prices. One test is required for each vial preparer and must be completed annually. Click the link below for a video demonstration of the procedure.

View a serial dilution video demonstration using the AllerTEQ Kit.


Click the links below to access product information and purchase either the 2 kit or the 4 kit per package.

AllerTEQ 2 product: AllerTEQ 2 product description

AllerTEQ4 product: AllerTEQ 4 product description

* The AllerTEQ 12 product is no longer available.

Following is a list of vendors who supply Media-Fill tests. Although JCAAI does not recommend any specific company, we do recommend that all personnel who prepare vials should perform the Media-Fill test annually.

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals

Analytical Research Labs (ARL)

Hardy Diagnostics
805-346-2766 X 5629 (DC, VA)

Intravenous Quality Assurance (IVQA)

Q.I. Medica (PATT GM7020)

Williams Medical Company

VALITEQ (Allerteq 2; Allerteq 4; Attack II Kit)*

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